Programs & Screenings

Lifestyle Programs

Do you want to quit smoking, get control of pre-diabetes, or get a deeper understanding of what a healthier lifestyle looks like for you? There’s no better time than right now! Snowball your "STREAK" goals by clicking on the links below to learn more about each program and get yourself registered for the next class.



Virtual Prevent T2 Class

Have you been diagnosed with prediabetes or high blood sugar? Click the link below to register for the nationally recognized CDC evidence-based program.





Yoga for a Healthy Heart Classes

Click on the link below to register for a FREE 60-minute yoga session led by a local registered yoga instructor.





Heart Healthy Grocery Store Tours

Learn how to read food labels, and choose foods that are lower in sodium and healthier for your heart.



Virtual Get Kids Healthy Now Class

This 4-week program provides students in grades 1 through 8 with the necessary tools, tips and support to get started on a journey towards a healthier life.



Virtual Mental Health/Self Care

Sign up for this interactive educational experience that covers good well-being and self-care, signs and symptoms of concern and more!



Virtual Freedom from Smoking Class

Are you ready to set yourself free from the chains of tobacco addiction? Then this class is for you!



Virtual Get Healthy Now Class

If you would like to go deeper into physical activity, nutrition, and stress management education, please consider signing up for this Get Healthy Now class.

Preventative Screenings

Often, the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully managed. When you treat a disease early, you may be able to prevent or delay problems from the disease. Treating the disease early may also make the disease easier to live with. "STREAK" right down to the links below to learn more.

Breast Cancer Screenings

WellSpan provides a full array of programs and services to help women keep up with issues impacting their breast health. Click on the schedule button below to find screening opportunities near you.

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Getting a colonoscopy screening is quick and painless, and helps you Stay A Healthy Step Ahead. That’s why WellSpan Digestive Health makes scheduling and getting your colonoscopy so easy. Click on the schedule button below to find screening opportunities near you.

Find a Primary Care Provider

Start your relationship with a WellSpan primary care provider. Click on the "schedule" button below to find a provider near you!

Interactive Screening Tool

This tool asks you questions about your health and your health history. Then it creates a list of screening tests you may need. You can print the list and take it with you when you visit your doctor.